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We are going to try to publish regular, hopefully weekly, update videos on our EV conversions via our YouTube channel.

This week we are starting with the 1969 Mercedes 280se we are converting for a customer.

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The guys at Diesel and Eco car magazine have done an article on the Nissan Newbird we built for Nissan.

Take a look at what they had to say.

We are getting so busy that we have decided to move to APPOINTMENT ONLY opening – From Jan 12th 2022 we are operating an appointment only system.

This is to ensure that we can give you our full attention when you visit us or want to speak to us via phone / video call.

If you don’t want to use the online appointment system then please call us on 01913692522 to make an appointment.

In between Christmas and New Year, Stephen from Top Gear magazine came and borrowed the Newbird, Nissan Bluebird EV conversion that we carried out for Nissan and he has written an article about it. He seems to like it 🙂

Its time to say goodbye to our wonderful 1967 Morris Minor Convertible EV and move onto our next in-house project.

Full details of the car are here

Back in June 2021 we had the opportunity to work with a local FE college to convert a 1978 Datsun Cherry to electric. The 4 week turn around was extremely tough but as they already has the core parts and also had lots of manpower as they train the apprentices for Nissan, we managed to hit the deadline.

Find out more here in our new EV Conversion portfolio

Earlier in December we had the chance to visit the Nissan heritage fleet and do some filming on the Nissan Newbird with Jonny Smith for his late brake show YouTube channel.

It was a great day and we also got to drive the fantastic micro race car that has a V6 from a 350Z in the rear of it – wild and noise – wonder what it would be like with an electric motor turned up to 11 instead?????

We have been working on this car for a little while – planning the conversion and gathering the parts.

Its now time to get everything fitted to the car and then it will be go back to the restorers for them to paint and finish before coming back to us for wiring and commissioning.

We will bring you more updates along the way.

(Picture is how it will look when finished)

We are please to announce the launch of our latest conversion – The Newbird – a 1989 Nissan Bluebird powered by a LEAF motor and batteries. Click here to find out more

As our business has developed over the past 2 years (and what a 2 years it was to be a start up business) and things have changed. We have decided to stop selling classic cars and soles focus on Electric Vehicles. We now offer Electric Conversions of Classic cars and the sourcing and sale of used electric vehicles.  

Classic and Electric Vehicles has become Kinghorn Electric Vehicles.

To explain why we have done this its probably best to give you a quick recap of our journey so far.

Having been in the Motor Trade for over a decade and then in the technology sector for over 15 years, our founder, George Kinghorn, decided that having owned and driven numerous classic cars during his life then having owned and driven a Nissan Leaf for a few years, that it would be a great idea to convert a classic [...]

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