As our business has developed over the past 2 years (and what a 2 years it was to be a start up business) and things have changed. We have decided to stop selling classic cars and soles focus on Electric Vehicles. We now offer Electric Conversions of Classic cars and the sourcing and sale of used electric vehicles.  

Classic and Electric Vehicles has become Kinghorn Electric Vehicles.

To explain why we have done this its probably best to give you a quick recap of our journey so far.

Having been in the Motor Trade for over a decade and then in the technology sector for over 15 years, our founder, George Kinghorn, decided that having owned and driven numerous classic cars during his life then having owned and driven a Nissan Leaf for a few years, that it would be a great idea to convert a classic to electric. How hard could it be?

Pretty bloody hard, thats how hard but whilst figuring out how he realised there was a business opportunity in helping others to do the same. Having been self employed for a couple of decades he was no stranger to starting a business and with help from his family the business, then called UK Electric Vehicles was started in June 2019. For the first time in his career there was no business plan just a deep desire to encourage others to dive electric cars.

Our Morris Minor prototype was developed and built over the winter of 2019/2020 and was finished at the beginning of March 2020 ready for us to launch to the world from our new Head Quarters / Showroom in Durham City.

Then the world changed and we went into survival mode, it was hard to find customers for conversions and as we had a lot of classic cars to hand and knowledge of modern EVs we decided to start selling those, changing our name to Classic and Electric Vehicles. Doing this we managed to survive and things started to get back to normal in April 2021.

Things have developed and changed enough now for us to be able to start the conversion side of the business properly, we now have a few projects in the offing and we have realised our area of expertise and passion is Electric Vehicles.

We don’t want to work on Internal Combustion Engines anymore and only want to work with EV’s so we are rebranding and refocussing.

Kinghorn Electric Vehicles has two areas of business 1. Conversion of Classics to Electric 2. Sale and repair of modern Electric Vehicles (Nissan Leafs are our speciality)

So if your interested in having a classic car converted to electric or if you want to buy a used electric vehicle then get in touch, we would love to chat with you!