Electric Vehicle Buying Service

Here’s how it works.

  • We work in partnership with you to identify the right kind of electric vehicle to suit your specific needs and budget, right down to colour and optional extras. We can do this via Phone, Video Calls, email or any method you would like.
  • We search for and locate the perfect vehicle via our access to trade auctions.
  • We agree a budget for the specific vehicle and identify any work that may need doing to it e.g. does it need any paintwork, tyres, servicing etc
  • We work with you to decide whether to have it delivered directly to you or to have it come to us first to have any reconditioning done (we can only offer a warranty on the vehicle if it comes to us first). At this point we work out the transportation costs. We can deliver anywhere in the UK.
  • Once we agree everything and Identified the car you want us to bid on, you transfer to us the estimated sale price and auction fees. These are fully refundable if we do not win the car for you.
  • Once the vehicles auction has been won within the agreed budget you make payment to us for our fee of £500.
  • The vehicle is either delivered directly to you or comes via us so that we can carry out any reconditioning work.


Electric Vehicle Buying Service fee is a transparent £500+VAT which you only pay this once we have found you the perfect vehicle.

Transport fees are approximately £1.50+VAT per mile.

Auction fees vary dependant on the price of the vehicle but our trade fees are around half that charged to the public (if the public are even allowed to bid) an example is that a £10000 car will incur fees of around £570

We love getting people into EV’s

How to get started

Click here to schedule a call / video chat with us or use the live chat on the site to start discussing your requirements. There is no cost or commitment until we identify the perfect vehicle for you.

Why use us?

We are experienced electric vehicle lovers who not only sell used electric vehicles but also convert classic cars to electric, recycle electric vehicle parts, renovate historic electric vehicles and race electric vehicles. All this experience and knowledge ensures you get the perfect vehicle for you.

Dont just trust us on this – we are more than happy to put you in touch with our current customers.


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