1977 Reliant Scimitar EV Conversion

Work in progress - Private Client

Job Description

How’s this for a 1970s icon? Not only cool but pretty practical for an EV conversion also.

The owner of this car has a very clear vision on what they want. The motor and transmission are replacing the live rear axle, along with custom made rear suspension. The plan is to house the batteries in the transmission tunnel and under the bonnet. All of this will be done without encroaching into the body.

The car is currently having the suspension built around the motor and will then come to us for the planning and installation of the conversion components. Once thats completed it will go to have its body restored and the car rebuilt. Final part of the project will be it coming back to us for the install of all of the High Voltage components, wiring and commissioning.

We will keep updating this page with progress.

Projects Details

  • Nissan Leaf motor, inverter & transmission (rear mounted)
  • Batteries - Full 24kWh LEAF pack
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