1989 Nissan Bluebird EV Conversion – the NEWBIRD

Completed Conversion for Nissan UK

Job Description

Our aim with the car was to convert the car to electric whist retaining as much of the character of the original car as possible. To this end the whole conversion has been carried out without cutting the vehicle anywhere. The whole conversion is bolt in.

We aimed to keep the soul of the bluebird whilst giving it the heart of the LEAF.

Kerb weight has increased by around 40kg and the car has been set up for a smooth and relaxed power delivery although this can be reprogrammed if desired.

Press Coverage

Newbird EV conversion featured on Hagerty website

Newbird EV Conversion 4 page spread in Autocar Magazine

Newbird featured in Diesel and Eco Car Magazine


Newbird gets thumbs up from Top Gear


Projects Details

  • Motor, Inverter & Reduction transmission : Recycled from a crash damaged 30kWh LEAF
  • Batteries: New 40kWh pack consisting of 24 modules. 16 in the rear and 8 in the front.
  • Charger: New 6.6 kW charger located in rear battery box
  • Battery boxes & Motor Mounts: Custom made
  • Power steering pump: Recycled 12v Electric/Hydraulic pump
  • Heater: Water matrix replaced with New 3kW PTC Heater element in same location
  • State of Charge (SOC) Display: Custom electronic adapter to drive original fuel gauge
  • Lights: LED Headlights & Backlit grille badge
  • Suspension: Upgraded to Bilstein shock absorbers all round. Fully adjustable rear spring heights.
  • Range: Approx 130miles
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