Nissan Leaf How To’s

Nissan Leaf How to Videos

These are instruction videos for 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,2017 Generation 1 Nissan Leafs

Note – theses guides are fo UK spec cars and may differ dependant on year and model. Please contact us if you need more help.

We used to be called Classic and Electric Vehicles (CAEV) so you may see or hear references to that name in the videos. We are still the same company just with a new name as we only deal with electric cars and conversions now.

How to lock and unlock a Nissan Leaf

How to turn on and turn off a Nissan Leaf

How to select Drive, Neutral, Reverse and Park in a Nissan Leaf

Control button guide – Nissan Leaf

Charge timer guide – Nissan Leaf

Steering wheel buttons guide – Nissan Leaf

Indicator and wiper storks – Nissan Leaf

Heater and air conditioning – Nissan Leaf

Infotainment system – Nissan Leaf

How to charge a leaf

Rapid charging – Nissan Leaf

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