Electric Vehicles are much more reliable than internal combustion engined vehicles but occasionally things do go wrong. 

Our repairs service is initially focused on Nissan Leafs as these are the EVs we have a vast amount of working knowledge of. We have dismantled, re purposed and repaired Nissan Leafs now for more than 2 years and carry a wide range of used parts from the vehicles we have dismantled as donors for our EV conversions.

Leafs have a few common issues and we offer repair of these at a much more affordable price than the Nissan Dealers. Contact us for more information.


  • Years of experience repairing EVs

  • We carry an inventory of Nissan Leaf parts

  • We work with network of EV experts 

  • Full Leaf & ENV200 diagnostics

  • EV expertise at affordable prices

Nissan Leaf Common Repairs

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