We Be Leaf – We are Nissan Leaf Specialists

Yesterday I had a conversation with a customer who bought a leaf from us and it made me realise how much of a Nissan Leaf specialist we really are. They told me they both the car from us because –

  1. We sourced the right leaf for them and didn’t just try to sell them a car we had in stock that might not be right for them
  2. We were passionate and deeply knowledgeable about not only the car but the whole ownership process.
  3. They had been told by other customers that we don’t just sell the car then forget about the customer. As its usually a new experience for our customers we make sure we are there 24/7. Each customer gets George’s direct mobile number to call anytime they may need help or advice.
  4. We not only sell Leafs but as we buy crashed ones to use their motors and batteries in our conversions we have a large stock of recused parts for the cars should they need anything.

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