EV Conversions

Classic Cars converted to Electric

Our core offering is the conversion of classic cars to electric using Nissan Leaf motors, inverters & batteries. These are used alongside third party chargers, battery management systems, vehicle control units and dc/dc converters.

We have a 1967 Morris Minor convertible that is our demonstration vehicle. The below video explains all about it.

With this conversion our aim was to convert it to electric without cutting or altering it in any way. The car is a full restored but standard Minor and we have ensured the conversion is bolt in. The only upgrades to the vehicle are a remote brake servo (now fed by an electric vacuum pump) and a wonderful series 3 interior.

The main components of the conversion (front to rear) are –

  • Grille modified to house Type 1 charge port from Leaf
  • Leaf radiator
  • Motor (with inverter on top) mounted to original A Series engine mount plate and mounting points.
  • Custom Frame to hold from battery pack housing 6 x Modules from a 30KWh leaf.
  • DC/DC Converter mounted on lower drivers side.
  • Electric vacuum pump and water pumps fitted on lower passenger side.
  • Contractors located in box on passenger bulkhead.
  • 3KW charger fitted where original 12v battery used to go (can be upgraded to 6KW charger)
  • Custom billet aluminium adapter plate and coupler to mate motor and original 4 speed gearbox which is itself mounted on its original mounts.
  • Fuse boxes replaces with modern ones and mounted under dash.
  • Motor Controler under dash
  • Leaf accelerator pedal
  • 5KW PTC heater replaces the water element in the original blower housing.
  • Battery state of charge gauge mounted in vehicle.
  • Boot floor raised approx 2 inches to accommodate the rear battery box which contains 12 x Modules from 30KWh Leaf giving approx 22.5 KWh of storage in total.
  • Rear Battery box also contains the Battery Management System.
  • Fuel Tank deleted and hole blanked off.

Range approximately 100 miles

Approximate price for conversion of this specification is £25000

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