1967 Morris Minor Convertible EV Conversion – the eMinor

Completed Conversion - Our in house demonstrator

Job Description

With this conversion our aim was to convert it to electric without cutting or altering it in any way. The car is a full restored, but standard Minor and we have ensured the conversion is bolt in. The only upgrades to the vehicle are a remote brake servo (now fed by an electric vacuum pump) and a wonderful series 3 interior. The car still runs on its original suspension.




Projects Details

  • Leaf Motor, inverter and battery modules: Recycled from a crash damaged 30kWh leaf
  • Batteries: 18 x 30kWh Modules. 12 rear, 6 front
  • Charger: New 3.3kW charger
  • Heater: Water matrix replaced with New 3kW PTC Heater element in same location
  • Transmission: Customer adapter plate and coupler mating motor to original gearbox (no clutch)
  • State of Charge (SOC) Display: Additional unit added
  • Range: approx 100 miles
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